On Monday, October 4, the free instant messaging application registered a worldwide drop. A failure that leaves us with a great deal of reflection when evaluating whether the communication of your administrative management and the residential community depends on this application.

The first failure that WhatsApp presented was in its Web version and later in phones and other mobile devices. A day that was marked in history due to the comments made by users who expressed their great monetary losses and in their work due to the almost 5 hours that the downed messaging service lasted. Adversities that make us think and rethink, what happens if I leave all my communication relying on just one tool.

Therefore, beyond thinking and being only alarmed, the solution to this type of failure is to find an exact alternative and not just trust a media outlet. It is necessary to guarantee that the information continues its flow in an adequate manner, through a tool that formalizes the messaging in a timely and organized manner.



Technology plays a very important role in finding exact solutions, for this reason Logity was born, the intelligent communication medium aimed at connecting Horizontal Property communities with services, products and suppliers, without providing personal data. By acquiring our products you ensure a unique platform for your co-ownership, with a permanent communication service from anywhere in the world where you are. Also, messages between the administrator and the residents that come directly to the screen of your cell phone through our own application.

However, by having our video intercom, you are also guaranteeing to have the Web Admin. ORn web portal designed for administrators. Contains 10 modules with excellent organization solutions, private messaging and a database with an intelligent search engine, among others. Essential functions to ensure communication in your property at any time.

In conclusion, the moral of what happened a few days ago is: We should not rely on a single tool to communicate or collect important data, it is always necessary to have an alternative that helps us for these fortuitous situations that get out of hand and that is how we will be prepared for any eventuality. Remember, Logity is the best ally you can find for your co-ownership.


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