An effective means of communication that unites residential communities, using intelligent video intercom. Logity Lobby eliminates unnecessary wiring, ducts and equipment inside the homes, because it works on its own application that reaches the resident's cell phone directly, without them having to provide their personal data because they use unique QR codes for each home.

Currently more than 60% of the country's population lives in horizontal property, either from a small building that accommodates it with several apartments inside or large complexes with a capacity of up to 500 residential units. Figures that it throws at us the informative newspaper EL TIEMPO. A number that is increasing day by day and results in small residential communities around all the cities of the country, with a great challenge in terms of communication, coexistence and security of owners and residents of this housing regime.

Therefore, the most recurrent problems that have been detected over the years in co-ownership are:

  • Continuous damage to the existing communication system, due to poor construction and engineering practices. Generally, the same duct is used to extend the different networks of the multiple operators, coexisting with the wired intercom.
  • There is no effective communication between management and residents or owners
  • Among other things, due to their reluctance to hand over their personal data, which goes hand in hand with the obligation on the part of the administration to process data and implement Habeas Data policies in accordance with Law 1581 of 2012 and the supervision of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.
  • The security problems that exist in each building given the informality with which the registry of visitors and households are handled.

Logity was born from the need to find a solution to these problems through its Logity Lobby product. An effective means of communication that unites residential communities, using intelligent video intercom as a means. Eliminating unnecessary wiring, ducts and equipment inside homes, because it works on its own application that residents download on their cell phones, whether Android or iPhone, without having to provide their personal data because it is handled by unique QR codes for each home .




Notwithstanding the foregoing, it also operates on fixed and low technology cell phones, providing coverage to 100% of the resident population.

For the administration, a management tool is delivered in the internet cloud called: Web Admin with 10 interactive modules, which facilitate the task and save time and resources for the building manager.

The equipment is installed in the gates, a turnkey solution according to the needs of the building, that is, the Logity console that is integrated with other additional equipment such as a Card Reader, ticket printer, Intercoms, among others.

The Logity Console has been designed with ease of use in mind for surveillance personnel. An all-in-one device, with low energy consumption and that does not take up more space, does not fill with viruses as it happens with a computer. It is made up of a powerful processor that controls a touch screen, a state-of-the-art telephone and a video camera, with a USB and Bluetooth port for connection to peripheral equipment.

Each home can download up to 5 applications plus two additional numbers, either fixed or mobile. In other words, Logity guarantees communication for the entire residential community. From the application you can call the goal directly. We have also included a unique DID (city landline) number for each Pool which can be called directly and connects directly to the Logity Console.


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