1.1 Our policy of handling and protection of sensitive data, to communicate with residents and owners through the Smart Logity video call 

 One of the fundamental advantages that characterizes our Logity smart video interphone product, unlike any other system, is that the user or owner does not have to provide their personal data such as names, identification, landline, cell phone number, email electronic or any other data, so that the concierge staff or the building administration office can communicate with them.    

Our system assigns a QR code unique and particular for each dwelling that is delivered precisely by the administration office and that does not bind at all the private personal data of the residents or owners of the dwelling units.   

This QR code is the one that authenticates the resident or owner in the Logity mobile application downloaded to their cell phone and every time the goalkeeper makes a call from the Logity Console or video door entry system or a text message is sent, it is communicated to the application of the resident or owner to this code, in an encrypted and automatic way guaranteeing the privacy and confidentiality of the user    

In the event that the resident or homeowner does not wish to use the Logity mobile application and requires that the calls from the gatehouse come directly to their landline or cell phone, they can enter them privately in the Resident Web application in the module. of "Transfer". At no time can the concierge staff or the building administration itself know such data as they are automatically fragmented and encrypted on our communication servers. 

When the building goal makes a call or sends a text message, dial the number of the house, eg 6203, this is tower 6, apartment 203, which is linked to the QR code and the call or message enters the application through IP communications and if the resident has the “Transfer” option enabled, the call is routed directly privately to the telephone numbers that the same have signed up for the app on a voluntary basis.  


  • Collection of sensitive information from visitors, (Name, company, photo taking, etc.), taking into account the law on Protection of personal data


The process of collecting income data from people outside the group, such as visitors and homes, is carried out roughly like any private or state building but always framed within the spirit and adequate interpretation of Law 1581 of 2012 or General Data Protection Regime Personal that provides in its Article 4 that:  

 "On development of the principles of purpose and freedom, data collection should be limited to those personal data that are relevant and adequate for the purpose for which they are collected or required " (Underlined out of text) which in the case of the residential community is synthesized in guaranteeing its safety and integrity, these constitutional principles. 

 This information is visible and managed only by the residents themselves, through the Logity mobile application on their cell phone and by the administrator of the complex or building through the Web Admin application. 

 Logity stores this information for a period of up to three months, protected by a system of fragmentation, encryption and separation, of operation data, in our communication servers. After that time it is automatically and permanently deleted.

 Any log copy of this information prior to this three-month period can be downloaded and saved at any time by administrators or residents on their own devices.

  • Management of the information collected in the "Homes" module of Admin Web Logity 

CAny additional information collected by the complex or building or through its officials or dependents in the m"Homes" module of the Web Admin Logity application, it is encrypted and fragmented by the Logity system automatically.

This information is only managed and known by the whole, Logity does not require it at any time for its operation. Therefore, it is optional and the collection and storage carried out by the building administrators or their dependents obey the internal policies of the complex or building. 

Internally, we follow rigorous protocols that adhere to our implementation of good information security practices, taking all precautionary measures to protect it against adulterations, losses, inquiries, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access. This in order that the information is properly protected.  

Our company OPEN VOICE SAS under your product "Logity video smart phone", DOES NOT collect personal data of residents, visitors or owners for any purpose, even less commercial or commercial, likewise does not assign or sell these to third parties or digital marketing companies.   



Your privacy is very important for us. For this reason, we developed a Personal Data Treatment Policy that covers how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store the information that you provide us on this website.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our policies for the treatment of personal data and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

In compliance with the Personal Data protection law, through this document we request your authorization for OPEN VOICE SAS to collect, store and use your personal data registered in the forms on this web page and landing page associated with it or in its database, solely and exclusively for the following purposes:


  1. The personal information we collect allows us to keep you informed about the latest product news, software updates and upcoming events that OPEN VOICE SAS organizes.
  2. In the same way, it allows us to guarantee an optimal service provided.
  3. Contact you by any means, be it email, landline, cell phone, or at the registered address.
  4. Facilitate the correct execution of purchases and provision of contracted services.
  5. Carry out statistical studies that allow the design of improvements in the services provided.
  6. Manage basic support and administration tasks.
  7. Inform by any means, promotions, news, products and services related to events and editorial products edited and / or marketed by OPEN VOICE SAS or its ASSOCIATED companies, products and services promoted directly by the strategic Allies of OPEN VOICE SAS or its ASSOCIATED companies that generate added value for you.

In the same way, through this document we request your authorization for OPEN VOICE SAS to share your data with third parties.

Remember that with this authorization you have the right to:


  1. Know, update and request the rectification at any time of your personal data.
  2. Request proof of the granting of this authorization
  3. Know about the use that OPEN VOICE SAS or its ASSOCIATED companies have made of your personal data;
  4. Revoke this authorization in the event of non-compliance with the rights set forth above;
  5. Access your previously authorized personal data at no cost through the CUSTOMER SERVICE line: in Bogotá at 7423140 Ext 315, by email info@openvoice.com.co, or go directly to the OPEN VOICE SAS headquarters located at Calle 116 A No. 70C-07 of Bogotá DC


Your personal data will be stored safely, having taken all precautionary measures to protect your information against adulterations, losses, inquiries, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access. This in order that your information is protected. Your data will be treated in accordance with the Manual of Policies and Procedures for the protection of personal data of OPEN VOICE SAS

By means of this acceptance, you expressly declare that the purpose of the use by OPEN VOICE SAS. give your personal data, you have been fully informed and expressly authorize that your data be shared with third parties, duly authorized by OPEN VOICE SAS., and delivered in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

OPEN VOICE SAS may update its Personal Data Processing Policy periodically. When we substantially modify the policy, a notice will be posted on our website along with the Data Processing Policy.

If you do not agree with the content of this legal notice, we ask you to clearly state that you are not willing to provide the required personal data, or refrain from recording your personal data in the formats that have been provided to you.



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