The main bridge or channel of communication between the administration and all the people that make up a residential community, as well as external actors such as suppliers and contractors. That is why it is important to understand that it is a vital element for growth in terms of quality for the administrative management that is carried out.

The starting point of the PQRS in horizontal property is to adequately work the needs and requirements of the internal and external client. It is the dynamic that the administration has with its community, which is evidenced in giving the answers or prompt solutions to the exact requirements and queries of the residents, owners, collaborators and suppliers. Thus generating a positive experience of effective communication.

However, it should be clarified that the same resolution process or the satisfactory experience that the person wants to hear is not always going to be obtained in all cases. Because each case has its particularity and that is where the administrator, the council and the entire administrative department team must advance so that eventually these negative experiences, objections or disagreements change and lead to an ideal situation, where Neither of the two parties is affected and they reach a common agreement.

Time is a determining value when responding to a PQRS, so from the beginning identify how long it takes, recognizing the situation of different requests and thus establish an exact date to respond, this in order to change negative experiences that are present at the time of submitting such applications.

It should be remembered that the law 1755 of 2015, is the one that regulates the management in terms of responding to requests made to private media. That is why it is necessary to be aware of the importance of a timely and effective response in terms of customer service for owners or residents. Also emphasize that, if there is any need for the client to make suggestions, complaints or claims that are presented as requests, it is due to ignorance or lack of communication in the property or simply the perception of the administrative management that is being executed.

That is why the professional Estanislao Rozo from his YouTube page of the company rci real estate, recommends that we equally value each complaint or request that reaches our office; In this way, we avoid damaging the positive image they have of the co-ownership management. Taking advantage of the management and compliance with these PQRS is the best strategy for the horizontal property manager. Turn PQRS from knowledge and experience into an opportunity to strengthen communication in your community, establishing a continuous dynamic of conflict or situation resolution.

Finally, from Logity, we advise all our community administrators to strengthen the different sources of communication channels that exist in the co-ownership, so that they have a timely and clear response to any type of PQRS that may arise. Use different tools or alternatives to strengthen the constant and prudent participation of residents, thus guaranteeing transparent management for co-ownership.


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